Special Message From Mr. Martin

We're all concerned about the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. We're committed to taking the best precautions to ensure the safety of our students, but that won't stop them from learning to play their musical instruments.

What does this mean?

For a while, this means distance learning. 
No worries! The VCS Radio Conservatory has long been equipped to handle a changing world of digital communication and artistic education. This is how our kids get so good in the upper grades. We collaborate online as well as in-class and on the stage. We've been doing it for years! We're excited to extend this digital opportunity to the VCS Elementary Band.

Can we still do concerts?  

Yes! The beautiful thing about music is that it can wait through any difficult times. We'll simply hold the concerts when things return to normal, and they WILL return to normal.
In the meantime, we have digital venues unsurpassed in the nation! We have a full broadcast facility FM 100.9 KVCB and our own VCSTV to do a variety of exciting performances. Even if they postpone their stage career, they will still get to be radio and TV stars!

I'm looking forward to our continuing adventures in the arts!

To begin, let's talk about ZOOM! 

This is the group video communication format chosen by VCS to conduct distance class meetings! It works great!
What you'll need for the ZOOM session:
Before class begins, have your child set up his/her instrument, book, and music stand. Practice making sure the camera sees the student and instrument when being played. I don't need to see the book, but your child does.  You might need to be there to adjust the camera at first. This takes a little getting used to. The first session is all about setting up. 
I'll direct the students once they play in turn. Zoom is not intended to be a band rehearsal. Oh my! Could you imagine if they all played at once?!?! There would be echoes and distorted sound, and I think your computer would blow up! Haha, just kidding! Actually, after a short lesson and some direction, I will listen to each child individually by activating their microphone in turn. Then, Away we go!!
Check Student Portal for Zoom Schedule.