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VCS Radio Symphony and Jazz Ensemble LIVE

Vacaville Performing Arts Theater, 1010 Ulatis Drive, Vacaville, Ca.

VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble --

Pictures at a Jazz Exhibition

This is a unique eclectic jazz retelling of Mussorgsky's masterpiece by the talented students of the ensemble

Sammy Timberg -- The Superman Series – (1941)

Episode One -- Mad Scientist

Superman must stop a maniacal genius and his pet parrot from wreaking havoc on the City of Metropolis.

Episode Two -- Billion Dollar Limited

Robbers try to heist a trainload of gold bars. Reporter, Lois Lane is on the case for a story. Superman must stop the runaway train and save the day!

About the Superman Project:

Sammy Timberg was best known for his work with Max and Dave Fleischer of Fleischer Studios, who produced classic cartoons like Betty Boop and Popeye. His work in the Superman series of films was truly iconic. However, much of the original scores from this masterful animation series has been lost to time. The VCS Radio Conservatory is honored to be given the long-term opportunity to fully restore and perform lost works LIVE with the film; two episodes per year.


VCS Radio Elementary Explorer Ensembles LIVE Blues Festival

Vacaville Performing Arts Theater, 1010 Ulatis Drive, Vacaville, Ca.

Nothing says, "Blues" like elementary artists!! Join us as they explore their musical talent with influences from such jazz legends as John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy and Sun Ra!

Ticket also includes free admission to the 7:00 pm VCS Radio Symphony and Jazz Concert!

New CRO certification program begins 

I'm excited to offer a brand new first-level engineering certification program at VCS for tech-minded students. With this program, your child will become a student technical operator for KVCB-LP HD and will have the chance to obtain both the VCS Radio certification and prepare for the nationally recognized CRO certificate. 

CRO stands for "Certified Radio Operator." It's the first level in the engineering certification program by the highly respected Society of Broadcast Engineers. 

Why is this program important? 

VCS is blessed to have an authentic licensed radio station on campus to train students in a wide range of broadcasting disciplines. Students looking for a career in the engineering field gains experience at VCS Radio KVCB FM by working in the technical aspects of our operation. This gives him/her a leg up when applying for an internship, employment, or advancement in the broadcast industry. Add collaborating with professionals in commercial stations and the most respected broadcast certification in the nation, and your child will have an advantage that will help him/her stand out! It's this first certification level that can lead to a full broadcast engineering career in the future. 

The SBE Radio Operator Certifications is a great way to demonstrate to prospective stations seeking interns that you have acquired the basic knowledge to operate a radio broadcast facility and comply with FCC Rules and Regulations. SBE member engineers are encouraged to help promising newcomers by giving advice and directions.  

  The fee is $110.00   charged to your "smart tuition" if you choose to have your child participate.  

The program at VCS Radio will include the following: 

-- Basic tools needed to get started working in the student tech department of VCS Radio KVCB-LP HD 

-- Special engineering projects to hone skills for technical problem-solving. 

-- Student membership in the Society of Broadcast Engineers Chapter 43 (Sacramento broadcast market). 

-- Certification Handbook for Radio Operators, 3rd Ed 

-- The Testing fee for certification proctored by a senior SBE member in Sacramento. 

Fees do not cover transportation, personal equipment, or additional opportunities that may become available. 

Time requirements for the program would include various after school/weekend sessions. Some field trips to commercial radio stations and at least one SBE meeting to be introduced to the engineers in our area will be required. CRO testing would begin in June but must be completed within a year of joining the program. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email or call me. My mobile number is (707) 239-0005 


VCS Radio Symphony and Jazz -
Sound Art Central Radio Show

from our Studios at the VCS Radio Conservatory

Join us as our student creative artists share their incredible talents on FM 100.9 HD2. 

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